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Cornwall Storage

Hints and Tips on storage from Moss of Cornwall

1. Use strong good quality packing crates and boxes to store your items. This will not only help protect the contents but also make them easier to stack.

2. Do not overfill your boxes or make them too heavy to lift.

3. Clearly mark or label crates and boxes to allow easy identification

4. Glass and fragile items should be wrapped in tissue paper and bubble wrap.

5. Clean machinery and equipment before storing.

6. Use wardrobe boxes to store clothing. This keeps the clothes un-creased and protected.

7. Plan your storage area out to allow effective use of the space and easy access to items you are most likely to need. This will also maximise your available space.

8. Cover furniture to keep it clean and to help protect it.

9. Drain water from kitchen appliances before storing and where possible leave fridge and freezer doors open.

10. Keep an inventory of your stored items and, if possible, mark out on a plan what is stored where in case you need something retrieved in a hurry.

11. Do not store food and other perishable goods longer than the recommended date or with other non perishable items. Remove batteries from appliances and store them separately in case they leak.

12. Do not store media items (tapes, CDs, DVDs etc) with or near products that incorporate magnets, produce magnetic fields or X-rays – such as hi-fi speakers, batteries and photo copiers.

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